OpenView HD 1 Million Celebration R25 000 Cash Give Away

Wednesday, Sep 27, 2017

Terms and Conditions: OpenView HD 1 Million Celebration R25 000 Cash Give Away.

Acceptance: I agree and undertake that I shall be bound by and comply with the terms and conditions for entry to the “OpenView HD 1 Million Celebration R25 000 Daily Cash Prize competition” (“the Competition”). That in the event that I fail to comply with the terms and conditions of entry for any reason that my entry shall not be eligible and shall be disqualified from the Competition.

Terms and Conditions of Entry

In order to be able to enter the Competition and to be eligible to comply with the terms and conditions of entry. It is a condition that the person must be a South African citizen and be over the age of 18 (eighteen) years old. All winners shall be required to send a copy of their identity document as proof that they are 18 (eighteen) years of age and/or older.

Any person who is an employee of any of the following companies: (Pty) Ltd; eSat tv (Pty) Ltd, Platco Digital (Pty) Ltd; All Telecoms (PTY) LTD and/or any other agent, promoter and/or other person connected with the Competition and/or a member of their family shall not be allowed to enter the Competition and shall be ineligible to participate. If any such person should enter then they will be automatically disqualified.

Platco Digital shall be entitled at its sole discretion to declare that any entry is not to be entered into the Competition and is disqualified (whether or not the entry mechanic is correct.) In such event Platco Digital shall not be obliged to the person who has entered of their disqualification nor shall it be obliged to provide a reason for its decision.

All decisions of Platco Digital shall be final and Platco Digital shall not enter into any correspondence, dialogue and/or otherwise with any person regarding any aspect of the Competition.

All entries must be original, and not abusive, defamatory, offensive, derogatory, degrading and/or otherwise not acceptable due to the nature of the material submitted.

Platco Digital may at its sole discretion decide that any entry is not eligible due to the nature of the content of the entry and may disqualify a person from the Competition.

The competition rules shall be made available to the consumer protection commission and to any participant on request and without costs.

Prize(s) and Duration of Competition:

Duration: From September 27th 2017 and for a period of forty (40) days until November 4th 2017

The prize(s) shall consist of:

One daily cash prize winner, with the prize money being R25 000 (twenty five thousand rand only) per day. Platco Digital will also give away a motor vehicle on November 4th 2017.

All entries received and/or made after that time shall not be eligible to be entered into the Competition and shall be disqualified. There may be a charge incurred even though the entry is not accepted as valid.
Customers who have activated and own an OpenView HD decoder/s will be eligible.

Method of Entry

Enter via SMS and USSD at a cost of R1.50

Prize Winners

Winning entries will be independently and randomly selected by a third party vendor sourced by All Telecoms.

Winners will receive their cash prize via a direct deposit into their banks accounts upon receipt of their banking details.The decision of Platco Digital as to the winners of the Competition shall be final.

No entrant can be awarded more than one prize per competition.

The winners will be notified by SMS within the timescale specified below unless Platco Digital decides at its sole discretion that the timescale for notification needs to be extended for any reason.

The winner of the motor vehicle will be contacted directly by Platco Digital.

The winner of the motor vehicle will be randomly selected from the list of competition entrants.

Platco Digital will determine at its sole discretion the winner of the motor vehicle based on a random selection of entrants.

Any prize has to be accepted and taken by the person who is awarded the prize before 31 December 2017. After that date, no prize shall be available to that person and at Platco Digital’s sole discretion another eligible person may be selected for the prize.

The prize can only be awarded and/or taken by the person whose name is provided at the time of entry to the Competition. The prize is not transferable nor is Platco Digital obliged to exchange and/or transfer any prize to another person. The prize shall only be awarded to persons 18 (eighteen) years of age and/or older.

Changes to Terms and Conditions of Entry and Prizes

Platco Digital reserves the right at its sole discretion to withdraw and/or substitute any prize at any time for any reason. Platco Digital may replace and/or substitute any prize with any products, goods, services and/or cash which it decides is appropriate in the circumstances.

Platco Digital may at any time decide to change, cancel, amend, vary, delete, add to and/or otherwise alter the terms and conditions of entry, the prizes and/or any other part of the Competition. Platco Digital shall not be required to send a separate notification to each person who has and/or may enter the Competition. It shall be sufficient that details shall be available on Platco Digital’s website at

Force Majeure and Law

Where for any reason beyond the reasonable control of Platco Digital the Competition cannot be carried out and/or completed as planned and/or advertised. Then Platco Digital reserve the right to cancel the Competition at any time and in such event shall not be liable to any person for any reason who may have entered the Competition.

The terms and conditions of this Competition shall be subject to the Laws of the Republic of South Africa.


All entrants shall have their name displayed on the Platco Digital website ( as well as broadcast on the free-to-air channel,

All entrants agree to all publicity and marketing for what purpose of and duration of the Competition.

Contact Details of Company

The contract details of Platco Digital are 4 Albury Road, Dunkeld West for the attention of Lynn Adams (011) 537 9446


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